Aston Martin's Project Neptune Submersible Begins Production

05/03/2018 23:27:58
Aston Martin's Project Neptune Submersible Begins Production
Production of Aston Martin’s Project Neptune submersible has begun. The submersible should make its public debut later this year and will cost $3.3-million.

If you can’t wait to go diving using Aston Martin’s Project Neptune submersible, we are happy to announce you that its production has started. It will be revealed publicly later this year, so you can get that $3.3 million ready.



Since the announcement that Aston Martin will partner with Triton Submarines, the two made improvements on the hydrodynamics, body styling and interior packaging. The submersible is still able to dive to 1,650 feet deep, while its speed limit increased from 4 miles per hour to 5.7 mph (5 knots). The increase in speed was achieved by reducing frontal area, increasing power, and improving the machine’s hydrodynamic efficiency. When Aston and Triton made the announcement about Project Neptune, the machine was said to be fitted with a 30-kWh battery pack with enough power to last up to 12 hours and it should weigh four tons.


The submersible will carry a pilot and two passengers. Customization will be available through Aston Martin’s bespoke service named Q by Aston Martin. The passengers will even have such a luxury as air conditioning when in the submersible.


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